Setting Up A Functional And Captivating Space Has Never Been Easier! With Homilo Online Interior Design, Your Dream Home Is Just One Click Away.

online interior design

That’s why our team of experts works tirelessly to create stunning interiors tailored specifically to each client’s needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to update a single room or reinvent your entire home, Homilo has the perfect solution at hand. 

At Homilo

We Firmly Believe That Everyone Deserves A Beautiful, Functional Environment, Regardless of Budget.

online interior design

Bring your vision to life

in three simple steps

1. Share your vision

Upload photos of your home and tell us your needs.

2. Get a personalised design

Consult 1:1 with a professional designer to create spaces that match your vision.

3. Shop your favorites

Get a comprehensive shopping list of all the products curated just for you.

We Deliver Professional Interior Designer Solutions Aiming To Double The Utility As Well As The Substantial And Psychological Value of Your Home.

online interior design

Who can benefit from using our service?

• First-time buyers in need of professional assistance in each step of setting up a new home or office

• Experienced homeowners looking for fresh interior design approaches
• Real estate agents looking for a professional home staging that will boost their sales revenue

• Anyone who needs a functional and appealing layout that will make the most out of their available space

Why use online interior design when you can hire an interior designer near you?

• Due to the convenient approach, simplified process, and modern technology, Homilo online interior design services multiply the value of your investment, delivering professional results at a lower price point.

• With Homilo online interior design service, you will have access to a team of various experts who can help you with everything from sourcing furniture pieces to home decoration, always within the determined budget.

• There is no need to stick to a limited range of styles and designs. Homilo team consists of versatile designers able to fit any fashion and budget. We can design whatever you imagine… and even imagine instead of you.
online interior design
online interior design

Make the most of your...

• Budget: With Homilo, you can take advantage of our professional advice and expertise, without having to pay a premium. Plus, you get the benefit of exclusive trade discounts on furniture and accessories and control of all deliverables.

• Time: With Homilo, there's no need to spend hours poring over magazines or websites for inspiration, and you can forget about endless attempts to make an appointment with a local designer – we've got everything you need right here!

• Space: A well-designed room is not only beautiful. We create highly functional layouts that put every corner into practical use, infuse them with beauty, and capitalize on the benefits of natural light.

A Word From Our Happy Clients

“My apartment was a boring place I used just to eat and sleep. Homilo worked with me to make it much more functional and totally aligned with my personality! Now I enjoy coming home and bringing my friends to entertain. ”

Giovanni P.

Black and white symmetrical hanging picture arrangement
“Whatever I tried to change, my studio was feeling tight and dark. Plus, it always lacked storage. When the clutter became the issue, I turned to the internet for a solution. Hiring an interior designer was not an option - until I found Homilo. They made my tiny apartment Instagram-worthy and fixed all the storage problems. It feels like it suddenly doubled in size! And I got it all for an excellent price. ”

Susan B.

Storage for a work area in the living room
“I hesitated at first, unsure of what can I get if I used online interior design. Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and use Homilo - and never looked back! They took my home from dated and bland to bright and lively in no time.”

Klara O.

Bold small living room ideas with fireplace
“Homilo is a fantastic interior design service that rendered my home truly functional. Professional designers helped me make the most of my space; now it's stylish, inviting, and comfortable. Their sourcing guidance also helped me cut expenses. I couldn't be happier with the results!”

Maya S.


The art of living practically applied. For every home.

Our Featured Projects

Take a look at what we've done so far and find out how to get things into motion. Visit our design portfolio to explore our latest projects and find inspiration for yours.

From Antique to CuttingEdge

We are proficient in all types and styles of interior design, decoration & furnishing.

Your Dream, Visualized & Materialized

Our creative 3D artists are always ready to translate your visions into executable layouts

Think you can't afford beautiful interior design? Think again.

Save Time

Realistic 3D model & top professional help to take the guesswork out of the designing process.

Save Money

Top talent for up to 80% less than traditional interior design & trade discounts of 5% to 45% at the top vendors.

Convenient & Stressfree

A fun and easy white-glove service including everything from design to convenient ordering.