How it Works

How it Works


How our services work

Online interior design services that deliver spectacular results

You know what the best part of working with an interior designer is? You get to translate your vision into an actual, fully functioning, personalised space.

If you wanted off-the-shelf, generic solutions, you could go on Pinterest and copy the furniture list of others. But you want your space to represent you – your unique self.

Here is our process that allows us to create custom interior designs that perfectly match your budget and taste.


Our interior design services

Pick a package that best matches your needs and we’ll get started.

Interior Design

We offer professional online interior design services for all scopes of residential and small office projects

Home Decoration

We will help you curate the right items and arrange them strategically to make the most impact

Home Staging

We will prepare you property for sale, refreshing it with an affordable yet eye catching design

Balcony & Patio Design

We can design the exterior as an extension of your interior space, blurring the borders between


Interior design made easy

Fill out our questionnaire

Tell us about your needs. What is the size of the space? Is it a newly purchased home that you’d like to design from scratch or an existing space you’d like to tweak? What design styles match your taste? What is your budget? What are the big no-no’s for you and what are the must-have’s?

Meet your designer

Based on your answers in the questionnaire, we will pick the designer on our team who is best suited for your needs. You will receive an email from our designer with an invitation to schedule the initial online consultation. Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to provide such information as measurements, pictures of your space, etc. This is your chance to elaborate on your needs and expectations. Based on this chat, our designer will get to work. Throughout the process, the designer will regularly check in with you, showing you progress, listening to your feedback, adjusting accordingly, and moving to the next step.

Receive your final design

Tada! This is the finish line. It’s that easy. You will receive high-quality renderings from your designer of the final concept, along with recommendations for furniture and accessories shopping list. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back long after this final stage. If you need support as you purchase the materials, hire a contractor, or any other step in the execution of the design, you will receive ongoing support from your designer for the period of 1-3 months, depending on your package.

Shall we begin?