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Let’s create happy homes for our customers together

Are you an interior designer with an unwavering commitment to quality?
Do you share our passion for helping create beautiful homes?
Do you love working with clients and see your designs come to life?

Then we want to hear from you!

Here’s where we stand

Interior design career opportunities at Homilo

We care about our clients deeply. We see the opportunity to help them create a home of their dreams as an amazing chance to improve their life. We want to create a positive experience for our clients and we want to work with interior designers who feel the same way.
We want our employees to be happy. We want them to enjoy what they do and how they do it. So we strive to do our part in making sure we support our designers with everything they need, offer training, help set up consultations and meet client needs, understand any challenges you, as a designer, may experience and actively help you resolve that.
In return, we ask for your commitment to our quality and customer care standards. We aim to deliver exquisite designs that perfectly match our customers’ needs. And our designers are the talented magicians that make that happen.


Does this sound good?

It goes without saying, but, yes, we will say it just the same: we are looking for designers with qualifications and a portfolio.

We are looking for those truly passionate about interior design, the ones who see design as a way to express themselves, the ones that understand how to strike that balance between matching a client’s taste and helping the client discover new ideas and design elements.

We want you to be a guide, a listener, a trusted advisor.

If you think you check off all these boxes and you feel about design the same way that we do, please submit your resume and a link to your portfolio via email: We look forward to hearing from you!