8 Adorable Rainbow Nursery Ideas (Including a Rainbow Space Nursery!) 

8 Adorable Rainbow Nursery Ideas (Including a Rainbow Space Nursery!) 

Looking for some rainbow nursery ideas? You’ve come to the right place! A rainbow nursery is a great way to add some color to your child’s room. Plus, it allows you to create a cheerful gender-neutral space. We’ll show you how to do the rainbow theming right with simple nursery setups, space nursery décor, and more. Plus, we’ll share some adorable home nursery ideas that are perfect for any little one. So get ready to be inspired!

How to Make Rainbow Nursery?

Rainbow nursery décor

When it comes to rainbow nurseries, there is no right or wrong; the possibilities are virtually endless. It’s not about drawing a huge rainbow over walls and the ceiling. Although you can, of course, do just that it that’s your vogue. Or you can go all out with a rainbow-themed mural or rainbow furniture. But you can also keep things simple and do the theming with rainbow nursery bedding and small wall decals. 

Another, more subtle but also more elaborate idea could be spreading a pastel version of the rainbow palette across the entire kids’ room with color-block or solid painted features. No matter the route, your rainbow nursery will surely be a hit with your little one!

Now, you might be wondering where to begin. Here are a few essential steps to creating a rainbow nursery. Depending on your taste and sense of balance, you can opt for one or all of them.

Start With a Blank Canvas and Choose Your Palette Carefully

Rainbow nursery décor palette generator software
Rainbow nursery décor palette generator software

Rainbow nurseries are designed to be cheerful and inviting, with plenty of vibrant hues to catch the eye. The best part is that you can easily customize the shades to match your personal style. 

Use paint colors that reflect the rainbow spectrum, such as yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and blue. Pick the color saturation and stick to a similar level. Paint the walls and ceiling in up to two or three of these shades for a bright and cheery effect. Pastels are a better choice to convey a serene ambiance suitable for babies, and you can keep the vibrant color explosions for toddlers and up.

If you don’t feel secure enough to choose on your own, use the help of free color software or consult a professional for personalized results

Use Colorful Furniture

Adorable home nursery ideas

Opt for colorful table and chair sets, toy chests, and bookcases. You might even consider painting existing furniture in rainbow hues.

Incorporate fun storage solutions. Look for storage bins, baskets, and crates that feature rainbow shades and patterns. This will help keep the nursery organized while sprucing up the theme.

Add Rainbow-Themed Accents

Rainbow nursery theme decor

Hang rainbow-colored curtains or bedding, or use rainbow-striped wall decals to add some pizzazz. You can also find rainbow-themed rugs, lamps, cabinet hardware, and artwork. However, remember that a few well-chosen accent features will yield a more notable result than thematic cluttering.

Rainbow Nursery Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for rainbow nursery ideas that are sure to please, take a look at these rainbow-themed nursery examples. From simple and sweet to bold and bright, there’s something for everyone.  

1. Rainbow Nursery Themed Window Treatments

Cute nursery themes with rainbow curtains

Rainbow-colored curtains or blinds can make a sufficient decorative statement on their own. The pastel-colored environment with a few understated accents makes a peaceful and calming place for babies to play and nap. However, with just a few simple changes, the same room would also be a fun and whimsical space for older children to imagine and explore.

2. Simple Nursery Ideas for a Cot & Feeding Nook

Simple nursery ideas mockup by Homilo
Simple nursery ideas mockup by Homilo

Create a cozy reading nook for yourself and your baby. A comfortable rocking chair or recliner, along with a soft rug and some pillows, will make the perfect spot for reading stories or simply enjoying some quiet time together. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce a rainbow theme and turn the corner into a visual feature.

Also, invest in quality, colorful crib bedding. Look for breathable fabrics and chic designs that will give the nursery a refined look.  

3. Shabby Chic & Boho Rainbow Nursery

Simple boho nursery ideas

When it comes to nursery decor, you can choose whatever feels right. However, some trends are more popular than others. One of the most popular looks for nurseries is a shabby chic style. This involves mixing vintage and antique pieces with more modern elements. Furniture is often distressed or painted in light colors, and bedding is often floral or with ruffles and lace. A similar effect you can get with boho decor, especially if you go for woven, patchwork, or DIY features.

4. Modern Minimalist Rainbow Nursery 

Modern minimal rainbow nursery ideas by Homilo
Modern minimal rainbow nursery ideas by Homilo

Another popular option is a minimalist approach, which emphasizes clean lines and simple decor. The focus here is on function over form, and the overall look is very calming and serene. When it comes to minimal rainbow nursery decor, use shapes and colors to infuse vibrancy into the space. Opt for color blocks and solid color features and keep the palette balanced.

5. Future-Proof Nursery Design

Custom made rainbow nursery ideas by Homilo
Custom-made rainbow nursery ideas by Homilo

When furnishing a nursery, features should be kept to a minimum, and pieces should be versatile and easy to grow with your child. But a well-designed base can remain the same. 

Functional and comfortable seating is essential for feeding and rocking, while a storage ottoman can double as a footrest or coffee table. As for the lighting, choose dimmable fixtures to create a calming ambiance in the evening. A gallery wall is a great way to inject personality into the space and can be easily updated as your child develops. By keeping things simple, you can create a beautiful nursery that will easily transition when the time comes.

6. Simple Wall Paint Nursery Ideas

Bright and cheerful rainbow nursery ideas
Bright and cheerful rainbow nursery ideas by Homilo

A rainbow nursery can be created by painting the walls with rainbow colors. The colors should be in a sequence, starting with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. For the floor, a light-colored carpet or area rug would work well; just make sure to match the shades to the walls. The ceiling can be left blank to reflect more light. 

Alternatively, you can achieve a low-key rainbow nursery effect by selecting neutral wall colors and adding pops of rainbow palette colors with accessories and artwork. 

7. Space Nursery Decor

Rainbow space nursery décor by Homilo
Rainbow space nursery décor by Homilo

If you want to create a truly unique atmosphere, consider mixing a rainbow and a space-themed nursery. By incorporating elements from the night sky, you can even achieve a look that feels playful and serene at the same time. 

Start by painting the accent wall (and perhaps a ceiling, too) a deep blue, then add in constellation-inspired wall decals or 3D stickers. Fill the room with soft furnishings in complementary shades, such as a fluffy rug and plush armchair. Accessories are crucial to tying the whole look together: consider a hanging mobile, table lamp with themed shade, or even a rocket-shaped bookshelf. Adding a starry light fixture or twinkling fairy lights will transport the nursery out of this world and hopefully kick that fear of the dark out, too. 

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches for a complete look. Add a blanket adorned with planets or stars, or let the kid dream of distant galaxies with dreamy patterned bedding. 

Decorating with a space theme can be both fun and educational, and there are endless possibilities for creative expression. A wall with constellation maps, for instance, will probably inspire your little one to explore the universe further.  

8. Custom-Made Rainbow Nurseries

Dreamy bespoke rainbow nursery by Homilo
Dreamy bespoke rainbow nursery by Homilo

Nursery décor thrives on thinking outside the box—literally. Create a celestial haven for your new arrival with some genuine out-of-this-world ideas.

One of the essential elements in any nursery is the crib. By opting for a bespoke design, you can get a highly functional item suited to your preferences and needs. Just make sure the crib designer is introduced to all current safety standards.

Another necessary piece of furniture is a changing table. A dresser, armoire, or pop-up surface can double as a changing table, with a changing pad added on top. If you opt for a custom-made model, use that to your advantage and ask for ample storage incorporated to accommodate all of the baby’s essentials.

The nursery walls are another great opportunity to add personality and style. For something really unique, commission a local artist to paint a mural or hand-paint the walls.

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