Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space

Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space

 If you’re like most people, your bedroom tends to be one of the messier rooms in your house. This can be especially true if you don’t have a lot of storage space. But don’t worry – we’ve got some clever bedroom storage ideas to help you create a clutter-free space!

10 Clever Storage Ideas for Bedroom

Creative storage for small bedroom

The privacy of a bedroom is often a culprit for turning the place into a cluttered mess. It starts gradually: too much hurry, too many clothes changing, “I’ll clean it later,” and before you turn, the chaos is everywhere. From clothes to gadgets and books, it can be challenging to keep everything in order all the time. Unless, of course, every item has its dedicated storage.  

Psychologically, a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind, and that can be a source of too much frustration and stress. Meanwhile, being organized means that you know the place for each one of your items. That awareness triggers you to put the item where it belongs immediately after use, rather than just leave it to hang around until further. In return, the bedroom remains in order more or less all the time without any special effort. 

So here are ten handy ideas to get you started.

1. First: Declutter

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Ok, this one is logical—if you wish to reorganize, start from scratch. Decluttering means getting rid of unnecessary things. Take some time to go through your stuff, and don’t hesitate to part from anything you don’t use or need. Donate items that are in good condition, and throw away what’s outgrown, inoperable, or damaged. This will help you free up a lot of space, also making it easier to keep your bedroom organized. In addition, you would get a clear idea of how much more storage space you need, as well as the designs that would work best for you. 

2. Utilize the Space Under the Bed

Under bed storage ideas for bedroom

One of the best bedroom storage ideas is to invest in a new, good-quality bed. Not only will this provide you with a comfortable place to sleep, but it will also give you extra storage options. Look for high-frame beds that leave a lot of free space between the mattress and the floor. You can fill it up with boxes or zippered underbed storage bags. Moreover, beds with built-in drawers or shelves provide a lot of handy storage for a small bedroom.

3. Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Should Go Up

Floating storage for small bedroom

Another great bedroom storage idea is to use your walls. Hanging a few shelves probably comes to mind first. However, if you have a lot of wall space—and especially if the ceilings are high—consider more elaborate solutions such as a network of floating cabinets. They can substantially expand your options without minimizing the free space on the floor. You can use high cabinets to store items you don’t use very often, from out-of-season clothes to small accessories or extra bedding. In addition, the top surfaces can be used to display art, photos, or other mementos.

4. Bedroom Storage Behind a Faux Wall 

Vertical bedroom storage ideas

One particularly attractive idea for modern bedroom storage is a faux wall hiding an entire built-in wardrobe or cabinet network. That’s perfect if you want to keep your bedroom design minimalist and streamlined. You can use the space behind the bed to hide a plethora of different drawers and different-sized compartments. 

5. Use Multipurpose Pieces

Multifunctional storage ideas for bedroom

Opting for multifunctional designs is another excellent way to make the most of your bedroom storage. We already talked about enhanced beds, but the options are quite broad. For example, if you use a bed bench, pick a model with a hinged lid that allows you to hide that extra blanket. Moreover, a flat ottoman with built-in storage can be used as a coffee table, end table, or bedroom storage. Many modern bedside table designs feature hidden compartments, including charging stations for mobiles and other gadgets. 

6. Employ Bins, Boxes, Baskets, and Trunks

Bedroom storage ideas

In addition to furniture, boxes, baskets, and similar items can help a lot with storing small items and wardrobe accessories. In fact, they can be used to store everything from clothes and shoes to linens and towels. Another great thing about those is that you can use them virtually anywhere, from under the bed to filing up empty spots. And if you’re short on floor space, you can even use them as a makeshift nightstand.

7. Maximize Your Closet Capacity

Bedroom storage ideas for organizing closet

Don’t forget about closet space! Baskets are great for storing items like socks and underwear, while bins can be used to store larger items like blankets and pillows. At the same time, trays can host a lot of belts, ties, or scarves.

Even in the smallest closet, every empty corner can host a tray or a box. However, if you have a spacious walk-in wardrobe, consider adding additional shelving or hanging racks. And if the clothes you are hanging leave a lot of room underneath, fill it up or install one more hanging rod. 

8. Organize All Frequently Used Items

Bedroom storage solutions for frequently used items

The usual clutter in the room is made by the items we use all the time. You probably want to keep them within reach, and that rarely includes the inside of a drawer. Instead, try organizing them on bedside tables or dressers. Items like watches, glasses, mobile phones, gadgets, books, alarms, and chargers can fit inside a pretty box or perhaps on a dedicated decorative tray. 

9. Stop Using Chairs as Temporary Bedroom Storage for Clothes

Bedroom storage ideas for hanging clothes

Most people dislike returning a once-worn item to the closet and rather hang it over a chair (or a treadmill) instead. That’s another shortcut to permanent clutter. Solve it by installing micro bedroom storage solutions such as hooks for house robes, pajamas, or jackets. That will also free up some space in dresser drawers, making the bedroom‘s overall appearance neater.

10. Think Outside the Box With Bedroom Storage

Creative bedroom storage ideas

When it comes to storage ideas for the bedroom, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! There are lots of unique and convenient ways to store items around – you just have to get creative. So take some time to brainstorm and explore all of your options, and you’ll find the bedroom storage ideas that work best for you!

Are you looking for clever bedroom storage ideas to help you create a unique clutter-free space?   

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