Living Room Layout With TV: Ideas Full of Style & Comfort

Living Room Layout With TV: Ideas Full of Style & Comfort

Do you love watching TV but hate how the appliance affects your living room decor? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with this problem. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you! In this blog post, we will discuss how to layout your living room for maximum TV viewing enjoyment. By following our tips, you will be able to create a comfortable and functional space that is perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows!

Tips for Creating a Living Room With TV

Tips for creating a living room with TV

No matter what size or shape your living room is, there are some rules that you should consider in your design. 

  • The right size of the TV directly depends on the room dimensions and the rest of the setup.
  • You need to find a prominent place for placing/mounting a TV.
  • A proper living room layout with a TV means everyone should be able to watch it comfortably.
  • There should be enough storage around for all of your TV components, enhancements, and equipment. 

For TV buffs, a few things in a living room are more important than having a comfortable place to sink in and watch their shows. That also includes a great viewing angle, even better seating options, and enough space to move freely. 

If you like watching TV with a lot of company, keep it in mind while arranging the living room layout and secure plenty of seating for everyone.

Living Room Layouts With TV and No Compromise on Style

Living room layout with TV over a fireplace

Here are some ideas to get you inspired. From hidden to huge TV setups, these rooms feature pleasant and functional areas that will allow you to watch your favorite shows.

Hide the TV Inside a Cabinet

Living room ideas with a TV hidden

You can use an existing piece of furniture or create a bespoke cabinet only for this purpose. The idea is simple—open the doors to watch the program and disappear the whole appliance in the meantime. Moreover, if there is a wall niche in your living room, you can use it to hide the TV in a similar manner, using convenient sliding doors. 

Conceal TV Cables and Connections

Living room layout with TV

One of the biggest problems with having a TV in the living room is that it can be difficult to hide all the cables and connections. However, there are a few ways that you can make it work. Start by employing cord covers to hide the cords, and use wireless adapters for your devices to minimize the number of cables lying around. Then choose the furniture with small insets and dedicated compartments for hiding the TV components.  

Blend Your TV Into the Background and Make It a Part of the Scheme

Living room ideas with TV

Rather than worrying that a TV will juxtapose your living room aesthetic, make it a part of the scheme. Hung it over a fireplace or create a custom panel with a dedicated home media center. A home library with bookshelves can also be a good environment for surrounding a TV and keeping it out of focus. And if you feel bold, use its streamlined black appearance to build a black & white gallery wall around it.

Paint the Room Walls Dark

Living room layout with TV on a black wall

Many who are reluctant about the idea of a living room with a TV actually dislike the appearance of a big black rectangle in their decor scheme. If you feel bold enough to paint the walls dark gray or black, then consider using them for camouflaging a TV. Although it will still be there, most of the time, you’ll feel like it isn’t.

Or, Make It the Most Prominent Visual Feature in the Living Room

Living room with TV backlit

If you are reading this and think – why hiding? – then, this is your option. Use a large TV as a focal point, build the rest of the living room layout around it, and prepare for a movie marathon. Your home is the reflection of your lifestyle after all, isn’t it? Complete the setup with a variety of comfy seating, adding at least one recliner and a couple of ottomans. 

Small Living Room Ideas With TV

Small living room layout ideas with TV

If you have a small living room, you might be wondering how you can fit a TV into the space. The key is to choose furniture that is proportionate to the size of the area and its furnishing. Decide your compromises, opt for a smaller TV or mount it on the wall. It would help if you also considered using floating shelves to store the components. This will give the illusion of more space and make your living room appear larger.

Small living room ideas with TV

If you are not a fan of wall-mounting, consider purchasing a beautiful freestanding TV stand that can enhance the style of the room. Even though it takes a portion of the valuable floor space, the right design can actually make a small living area appear larger in seconds.

Narrow Living Room Ideas With TV

Narrow living room ideas with TV

If you have a narrow living room, you might be worried that you won’t be able to fit a TV into the space at all. Although challenging, this situation has some hidden advantages that can make it work. 

Narrow living room ideas with TV in the wall

First, remember that mounting the TV on the wall makes no impact on the available floor space at all—like it’s not even there. Next, consider floating shelves to store cables and components and create an attractive focal point around the TV. When done right, this can even convey an illusion of spaciousness and make your living room appear visually larger.

Do you want a fully customized living room layout with a TV?

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