Wall Paint Ideas for Children’s Rooms: Little Girl’s Kingdom

Wall Paint Ideas for Children’s Rooms: Little Girl’s Kingdom

When you think about wall paint ideas for children’s rooms, the options can seem endless. Indeed, the kid’s room is one of those rare places where even the most whimsical ideas totally make sense. And that’s why parents can have a lot of trouble deciding the colors and designs for this precious kingdom. On top of all, little girls can be quite decisive about their surroundings, often advertising specific ideas of their own. So, to save you from hassle, we hand-picked some amazing wall paint ideas for children’s rooms. Read on to find that special one that will make your daughter feel like a queen.

Things to Consider Before Painting a Children’s Room

Children's room wall design with color and decor

When it comes to interior design, a few things are more important than ensuring the space reflects the inhabitant’s personality. Nowhere is this more true than in a child’s bedroom. Their rooms are literally their kingdoms, so it only makes sense that the design should fit the role.

However, before diving into wall paint ideas for children’s rooms, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, consider the age of your daughter. 

Wall paint ideas for children's room by Homilo
Wall paint ideas for children’s room by Homilo

For infants and toddlers, it’s best to choose a softer color palette that is easy on the eyes. Otherwise, wall paint ideas for children’s rooms can be as vibrant and adventurous as you (or better said, they) wish. Just make sure that the paint you choose is safe, durable, and above all: easy to clean. 

Next, think about your daughter’s interests. Not all girls are mad about pink tulle and Disney princesses. If they love animals, for instance, you might be better off with jungle murals or Under the Sea theming. Some girls are very much into sports, so don’t hesitate to paint their favorite team’s colors on one wall. 

7 Wall Paint Ideas for Children’s Rooms Your Daughter Will Adore

These designs range from sweet and girly to funky and fun – there is sure to be something here that will inspire you. So get ready to turn your child’s bedroom into a magical kingdom fit for a princess!

Triangle Wall Paint Pattern Ideas for Children’s Room

Triangle wall paint pattern ideas for kids room

One popular option for kids’ rooms is to create a triangular wall paint pattern. The simplest way to achieve this is by painting the lower portion of the wall in one color and then using a different color for the upper part. If you paint a wall design pattern alone and don’t have much experience, this might be the way to go. Otherwise, you may also employ three or more different colors to create a more intricate design. Consider using stencils or stickers to create shapes with precision.  

Girl’s Room Wall Design in Pink & Grey

Girl's room wall design pink and grey

Wall design in a girl’s room can vary based on taste and style, but some colors work exceptionally well together. Pink and grey is one such combination, for example. Pink walls can add a touch of femininity to the room, while grey contrasts provide balance and a sense of sophistication. For a more playful vibe, use brighter shades of pink and add some fun patterns or prints. In addition, consider painting the walls in one shade and using the other for furniture and accessories. 

Colorful Clouds Wall Design for Girl’s Room

Children's room paint motifs with clouds

Clouds make one of the most popular children’s room paint motifs, and it’s easy to see why. They’re soft, fluffy, delicate, and can be personalized to match any decor. But what if you want to take your cloud theme to the next level? Instead of painting or hanging them, use 3D decor shapes on the wall and make a stunning visual statement. Some designs comprise two layers of laser-cut clouds instead of one, each in a different color, customized to match the rest of the kids’ room decor.   

Ombre Wall Paint Ideas for Girl’s Room

Ombre wall paint ideas for children's rooms,

Painting a wall design pattern yourself is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of a kids’ room. Ombre is a popular trend you could pull out with almost any skill level. It’s a gradient effect achieved by painting one portion of the wall the lightest shade and then gradually building the tone towards the darker one. 

Ombre boho wall paint ideas for girls room,

Pink and purple are two hues that work well together in an ombre effect, while most girls simply adore them. This color scheme not only looks regal but also provides a warm, calming atmosphere. Moreover, consider adding some sparkle to your girl’s room: add glitter to the paint before you apply it to the wall. Or go full boho if that’s her jam.

Dreamy Pastels for Girls’ Room

Pastel girls room paint motifs

A child’s bedroom should be a safe haven where they can retreat at the end of a long day, feeling relaxed and comforted. The right wall color can play an important role in creating the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep. For that reason, pastel color combinations are ideal for children’s rooms. 

Pastel wall paint ideas for children's rooms,

Pale blue or green walls, for instance, are often associated with a calming and serene atmosphere. Their tranquil quality will help your child drift off to sleep easily. Lavender is also a popular choice as it promotes relaxation and has been shown to reduce stress levels. But if you’re looking for something a little more cheerful for your girl, consider a pale yellow or soft pink. 

Fairytale Accent Wall Paint Ideas

Fairytale wall paint ideas for children's rooms,

If you aim for something exceptional for your little girls’ room wall, consider a fairytale theme. This can be a great way to bring more magic and whimsy into her everyday world. One way to get there is to paint a mural with her favorite fairytale scene. 

Fairytale wallpaper ideas for children's rooms,

Another option is to create a more subtle accent wall with a themed wallpaper. It will add enough detail and visual interest to the space without going over the top. There are many different fairytale-themed wallpapers available, so you’re sure to find one that your child will love.

Honeycomb Accent Wall Paint Ideas for Children’s Room

Honeycomb children's room paint motifs for girls

A statement wall in a child’s room can be a fun and creative way to infuse it with visual interest. A honeycomb accent wall is an excellent option for a girl’s room, as the hexagonal shapes add a geometric touch that is both playful and chic. Plus, it allows you to use a lot of shades at once. 

Honeycomb wall paint ideas for children's rooms,

As with any accent wall, it’s important to choose paint colors that complement the existing room décor. To really make the pattern pop, gradually build the shades from the lightest to the most vibrant ones. For a honeycomb accent wall, we recommend starting with the palest pastel hue. You can even use white if you aim for a classic look.  

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