Art Deco Dining Room With a Twist

Art Deco Dining Room With a Twist

Art Deco dining room offers a great way to show off your unique style.

A classic Art Deco room typically features layers of bold, geometric patterns and sleek lines. In order to translate the opulent and glitzy style into the 21st century, the designer toned the decorative features down. At the same time, the simplified shell made the key elements stand out and shine in a brand-new, contemporary allure.

Rich red velvet spreads throughout the space, adding a pop of color while also elevating tactility. Its shade perfectly pairs with the golden accents and streamlined metallic finishes to create a warm, inviting, and luxurious vogue. A lively yet stylish artwork complements the Art Deco dining room layout, also showcasing the owner’s distinctive taste. Meanwhile, the marble floors and abstract area rugs ground the blazing arrangement with a deep, lush, dark texture. 

The overall effect exudes luxury and sophistication with the less-is-more philosophy done right.

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