Brightening Up a Cool Grey Room

Brightening Up a Cool Grey Room

Brightening Up a Cool Grey Room
Brightening Up a Cool Grey RoomWarming Up a Cool Grey Room

The addition of wood, texture, wall art, and plants can shake things up in any dark and cool grey room.

As any design enthusiast knows, grey can make the perfect neutral canvas for any type of décor. Whether you prefer a modern aesthetic or a traditional look, grey tones can help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. However, grey can also be cold and sterile, and that is not everyone’s vogue.  

It was also a part of the problem a recent Homilo client had to face. While the apartment he purchased was in excellent condition, its dark and cool grey room palette was a bit out of his style. Stretched between the ideas of repainting the whole place or investing in a design that would make the most of the existing situation, he decided to give a chance to the latter. 

Our designer proposed wooden elements incorporated as a safe choice for warming up a cool grey room interior. Wood furniture and flooring added texture and enhanced visual interest while rendering the entire atmosphere much more inviting. Textured rugs and accent pieces drove that effect further, adding another layer of depth. Meanwhile, opting for three side tables in place of a coffee table improved the functionality of the small room layout.

A few green pots arranged around the room brought a feeling of a small oasis in the midst of city living. The key designer’s element to liven up a cool grey room was, however, prominent abstract wall art. The fact that he proposed several well-chosen pieces did not make the client’s decision any easier. Finally, he settled for two different solutions that could be changed according to the mood, rendering the atmosphere either vibrant or calm.

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