California Modern Dining Room

California Modern Dining Room

The California modern dining room design blends different finishes to create a contemporary look with a discreet warm exurban charisma.

This interior design project is characterized by its warm atmosphere, a plentitude of different wooden surfaces, and simple yet modern furnishing. However, the staple of the design is the distinct contemporary rustic flair it exudes as a whole. 

One of the most important aspects of this modern dining room design is the shiplap feature wall. It helps to create a layered look that is both visually interesting and functionally effective, hosting a modern fireplace and a layer of ambient lights. 

The abundance of wood gives the space a warm and inviting feeling adding a touch of country charm with a variety of prominent textures. At the same time, modern furniture and metal accents keep the space fresh and modern, conveying a sense of cohesion.

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