Contemporary Home Office for Two

Contemporary Home Office for Two

A contemporary home office for two is an excellent example of such a design. The key to success lies, above all, in furniture selection and layout. In this room, the computer desk with two workstations faces the wall, while another work table sits next to the library. Such a setup allowed the creation of two independent workspaces hosting up to four persons at once if needed. That way, members of the household obtained each their own dedicated place while still being able to collaborate easily. 

Floating shelving and a built-in cabinet offer ample storage with a minimum possible footprint. Neutral background keeps the overall look focus-friendly, while sleek lines and simple forms create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile, splashes of color add a touch of fun and personality.  

A large bay window allows for plenty of natural light, making the space feel bright and airy. Equipped with a spacious upholstered bench, it also provides a comfortable space for a coffee break. 

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