Contemporary Transitional Green Living Room

Contemporary Transitional Green Living Room

This type of design is ideal for homeowners who want the best of both worlds – the comfort and familiarity of traditional design with the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary trends. Neutral colors, clean lines, and a mix of different textures characterize the transitional living rooms. Furniture pieces are typically simple in design but still comfortable and inviting. In addition, this style thrives on abundant natural light and ample space, promoting a feeling of openness. 

A recent client was looking for a way to incorporate a few beloved pieces into the new living room interior. She also had a clear idea about the color palette and the overall atmosphere that the designer should convey. A contemporary, transitional green living room therefore emerged as a sequence of logically-driven solutions. It provided a perfect way to use the existing elements while also adding a touch of fresh elegance to the entire house décor. 

Lightweight and straight lines of the coffee and side table set took over the communication on the modern side of the setup. They made an excellent match for curvy chairs—one of the items the client wanted to preserve. With elegant wooden legs and tufted, light cream upholstery, the chairs provided a refined and balancing contrast to the rigid geometry. A contemporary beige sofa complemented the rest of the arrangement giving it a distinction from other design periods at the same time. 

The versatile transitional solution allowed for displaying diverse art and decoration together, regardless of the origin and era. Finally, a modern distressed antique rug grounded the composition, pulling all elements together cohesively. 

Feeling inspired? Find a place for your favorite items even after remodeling. A transitional green living room is just one of the possible solutions. Go genuine with the help of our advantageous interior design packages! 

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