Jewel Blue Modern Dining Room

Jewel Blue Modern Dining Room

The overall effect of this jewel blue modern dining room is one of elegance and refinement, a genuine statement of class.

The client acquired a new flat and asked us to create a functional dining space with a distinctive style. Although satisfied with its overall appeal, they were looking for something to break the monotony a bit. A neutral palette, comprising mostly off-white and light grey, prevailed throughout the space, making it feel a bit dull. So we created a jewel blue modern dining room to shake things up.

Inspired by Art Deco vogue, the designer conceived an elegant composition with plenty of streamlined, metallic accents. A lightweight dining table feels almost floating, yet it anchors the arrangement, providing six comfortable seating places. Golden, sculptural light fixtures gracefully complement the jewel blue scheme, adding interest and sophistication along with a luxurious feel.

Light grey paneled walls provide a stylish backdrop for a large tropical wall art piece. A gradient explosion of hues ranges from neon blue to jewel purple, acting as the central visual feature of the entire living area. Meanwhile, a hydroponic flower arrangement on the dining table provides an evergreen, stylish centerpiece pulling all elements together. 

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