Luxurious High Ceiling Living Room Bar

Luxurious High Ceiling Living Room Bar

For anyone with a flair for the dramatic, a living room bar can be the perfect direction to show off their unique style. Whether it’s an elegant bar cart stocked with top-shelf liquor or a sleek, modern dedicated area, one thing is guaranteed—it will make a statement. 

The client approached Homilo with a vision of a special open-space living room interior design. Along with furnishing an ample space with a high ceiling, his project requirements also included a spectacular living room bar. Our team was thrilled to take on the challenge of creating a luxurious and inviting area perfect for entertaining guests. 

The designers devoted a lot of time to sourcing perfect pieces, paying close attention to detail and selecting only topflight materials. But the task did not end with the sumptuous surface. All furniture and fixtures had to comply with the thoughtful layout, where even the busiest traffic could flow seamlessly and organically. At the same time, it was paramount to avoid the feeling of emptiness, maximizing the utility of the space available.

Given the high ceilings in the living room, the bar emerged as an obvious choice for the central, statement feature. That also meant modeling an eye-catching focal point and immersing the area in impression and intrigue. The use of dark wood and luxurious complementing materials conveyed a sophisticated appeal, accentuated by elegantly streamlined bar shelves. The luxurious vogue continued further through golden framing and marble countertops.    

Finally, we completed the look with chic finishing touches, such as artwork triptych and elegant decor. The result was a truly stunning living room that rendered the client speechless. 

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