Modern Living Room With Biophilic Vibes

Modern Living Room With Biophilic Vibes

This modern living room is the perfect example of how even the low-key biophilic design can be used to create a stunning yet fully functional space. The client approached Homilo with the desire to incorporate a dash of nature into his home. Our designers took this idea and ran with it, creating a contemporary interior with a giant terrarium as the main accent. As a result, the stunning centerpiece conveyed the ultimate stylish statement to behold.

Comprising a variety of foliage, the beautiful indoor garden puts an emphasis on natural elements, turning an otherwise rigid, minimalist atmosphere of the modern living room more inviting without impairing its original flair. Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside rendered the space truly unique. At the same time, the choice of low-maintenance varieties ensured minimum upkeep, in line with the owner’s dynamic lifestyle.

Without rivaling for attention, the sculptural LED stream made another prominent focal point in this modern living room. The stylish fixture provided the perfect amount of light while also adding a touch of drama to the space. It perfectly complemented other elements worth noting, such as the modern area rug, sleek coffee table, and streamlined seating arrangement. The overall effect was one of understated elegance, making the client perfectly happy with the final results.

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