Modern Rustic Cabin Living Room

Modern Rustic Cabin Living Room

When the client approached us about redesigning his mountain cabin, he had a clear vision in mind. As an avid skier, he has been spending much time on the property, alone and in a company. Consequently, what he dreamt of was a warm and inviting space that could feel like a home away from home. Describing his initial ideas, he rendered a retreat with a modern rustic cabin aesthetic—a place to relax and a stylish entertaining hub at the same time.

Our designers got to work sourcing furniture and materials that would bring his vision to life. The goal was to create a comfortable and trendy space with a layout suitable for different purposes. In consultation with the client, we opted for a custom-designed fireplace, comfortable seating arrangement, and plenty of free surrounding space to accommodate potentially busy traffic flow.

The modern rustic cabin elements were carefully curated to complement the existing architecture, enhancing it with a sleek contemporary touch. Since the living room dimensions were modest, we conveyed a sense of spaciousness by drawing the eye up. Paired with matching curtains, the fireplace extended all the way to the roof, meeting the roof slopes with massive exposed wooden beams. On the floor, the lightweight set of tables lightly grounded the setup with a complementing rustic industrial aesthetic.

The dark walnut floors were refinished to bring out their natural beauty. Topping it up with a vintage-inspired rug secured a final touch of warmth and texture. Large wall art amplified visual interest with a strong graphic display. Finally, we hung a statement chandelier above the seating area to complete the look.

The modern rustic cabin living room design stroke the perfect balance between comfort and style, reflecting both client’s vision and personality.

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