Stunning Navy Blue Kitchen Interior

Stunning Navy Blue Kitchen Interior

The navy blue kitchen color doesn’t feel very appetizing? Yet one of the word’s best known cousines has been built around such hue.

This modern kitchen interior is the perfect example of how any color can make for a striking design. Despite the common belief that blue makes a wrong choice for the kitchen due to its appetite suppressing reputation, the navy hue was a no-brainer choice for our recent client. 

Although dressed in cold hues of navy and white, the space lacks nothing in coziness and comfort. The veined white marble backsplash and countertops made an eye-catching match to the attractive corrugated pattern of the cabinets. Accentuating the setup with golden streams conveyed a distinct luxurious flair as a result.  

Stainless steel appliances enhanced visual dynamics in line with the mixing metals design trend. A combination of task lighting and pendant lights secured proper illumination of all vital spots. Still, it was the choice of bar stools that secured a top star for the show, turning this already distinguished design into a genuine stunner. 

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