Rainbow-Colored Little Girl’s Room

Rainbow-Colored Little Girl’s Room

This kids’ room is an example of a thoughtful layout. It maximizes the utility of the space in order to cater to all the inhabitant’s needs. 

The rainbow-colored little girl’s room project brief came with two seemingly simple requests: beauty and clear separation of dedicated zones. However, the key challenge was to execute that in a room of average size. The solution was apparent: go vertical.  

As a result, the two-level playroom zones out the space for each activity. The bottom level is for sleeping, studying, and dress-up, while the top level is for Legos, dolls, and plushy toys. There is also a little tent nook for reading or relaxing. 

A small stairway provides an active child with an opportunity to spend a lot of energy. At the same time, it serves more than one function: each stair is also a drawer. There’s plenty of storage for toys and games, and the structure is sturdy and durable. Meanwhile, the color scheme is cheerful and charming, designed to bring lots of smiles and laughter to its lucky little owner.

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