Scandinavian Meets Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Scandinavian Meets Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
Mid-century Modern Meets Scandinavian Bedroom
The Scandinavian meets mid-century modern bedroom combines the best of both worlds with a minimalist aesthetic and warm coziness. 

Mid-century modern meets Scandinavian bedroom is our interior design project that successfully fused two popular design styles. (Frankly, with so much mid-century modern and Scandi have in common, blending them was not even much of a challenge.) Clean lines and simple forms worked together beautifully, while the mutual focus on functionality and minimalism kept everything on point. 

To create this look, we started with a neutral grey canvas, enhancing it with a textured accent wall to boost visual interest. The slightly rustic finish on a Scandinavian wooden bed made an excellent match to mid-century modern furniture pieces. Layering a sheepskin rug and incorporating cozy blankets and pillows added warmth and coziness, while the oversized abstract art brought a pop of color and contemporary vibrancy to the design. The result was a simple yet beautiful and stylishly functional bedroom that our client loved instantly.

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