Small Apartment Home Office In a Living Room

Small Apartment Home Office In a Living Room

Small spaces can be a challenge when it comes to interior design. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create an attractive and functional home office in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. The key is to be strategic with your furniture choices and achieve a perfect layout. 

In this interior design project, we used a simple and modern bookshelf to streamline the design and make the most of the available space. It is also a decorative visual bridge between the living room area and a home office zone.

The living room furniture was limited to a sofa bed and two ottomans that could fit under the coffee table. It was a way to ensure sufficient seating and maximize functionality without overwhelming the restricted floor space. The lightweight modern features complement the overall aesthetic. As a result, this small apartment home office feels sleek and stylish, suited for working hours but equally fit for entertaining.

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