Everything About the Green Accent Wall (And Why You Want One)

Everything About the Green Accent Wall (And Why You Want One)

A green accent wall is a popular way to add a pop of color to a room. It makes a good choice whether you’re looking to create a focal point, or simply add a verdant touch to your home décor. Although the idea might seem too bold at first, it’s actually easy to pull out with spectacular results. In this post, we are going to go through the key points you should keep in mind when incorporating a green accent wall in your home. There will be a few handy hints, too, so read on. 

Psychological Effects of Green Wall Paint in Interiors

Dark green accent wall bedroom

If you’re looking to create a serene and restful space in your home, consider incorporating green into your decor. You may find that it has a significant impact on your mood and well-being.

Though green is often associated with nature, it can also have a calming effect on the mind, making it ideal for use in interior design. Studies have shown that green walls can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. For those reasons, you should definitely consider using green wall paint in bedrooms and living rooms.

Moreover, green is also connected with increasing productivity and creativity, making it a good option for home offices and studios too. 

What to Consider When Choosing Green Wall Paint

Abstract and lime green accent wall bedroom sample mockup by Homilo
Abstract and lime green accent wall bedroom sample mockup by Homilo
  • First, consider the overall color scheme of the room. For instance, you probably don’t want an overpowering dark green accent wall in the bedroom. It’s equally important to choose a shade that suits the purpose AND complements other shades in the interior.  
  • Second, think about the texture of the green wall. A matte finish will create a more serene feeling, while a glossy finish will add a touch of luxury. 
  • Finally, consider the lighting in the room. Green walls can look particularly stunning when they are highlighted with natural light. So if you have ample windows in your home, take advantage of them.

For a truly bold statement, paint the entire accent wall in the living room green and pick a vibrant shade. This will work exceptionally well if you have high ceilings or lots of windows. 

Hints to Pull Off a Green Accent Wall the Right Way

Frame gallery green accent wall

Whether you go big or small, green is sure to make any room stand out. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!

1. Choose a green shade you love. There are many different hues to choose from, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that makes you happy AND minutes your home’s style.

2. Paint your green accent wall with a matte finish if you fear it might appear too bold. This will help to downplay the color and make it feel more subtle.

3. Use green accents elsewhere in the room to tie everything together. That could include green pillows, vases, or even just a few green plants.

4. However, avoid using too much green in the room. An accent wall should be just that – an accent. Too much green will make the room feel jarring and unbalanced.

By following these tips, you can use green accent walls to add a touch of refreshment and serenity to any room in your home.

Dark Green Accent Wall

Dark green accent wall with pattern

A dark green accent wall in a bedroom or living room is a dramatic addition that works well with more than one decor style. Not only does it add a striking visual interest, but it can also help to create a feeling of calm and relaxation at the same time.

It’s essential to consider the room scheme before painting. For example, if your walls are already a pale neutral color, you might be better off with a brighter green. On the other hand, in a scheme that’s already quite vibrant, you might want to opt for a dark but muted version.

3D lime green accent wall

Once you’ve selected the perfect shade, there are several ways to incorporate the green accent wall into your décor. 

  • The option we already mentioned is painting the entire accent wall green. This will create a bold and eye-catching statement.
  • Another option is to paint one or two green stripes on an otherwise neutral wall. It will still act as an accent but in a less imposing manner.
  • Glossy or patterned wallpaper can work excellently as a green accent wall. In fact, botanic and tropical motives are quite the rage right now. 
Dark green accents in bedroom sample mockup by Homilo
Dark green accents in bedroom sample mockup by Homilo
  • You could also hang green curtains or a huge green artwork to create a green accent wall. A tapestry or a rug would also do, especially in a boho decor scheme. This is an excellent idea for anyone who’s not ready to fully commit to more permanent solutions like paint. 
  • Alternatively, consider using green color to accentuate prominent elements such as beams and half walls. You can also paint one section of the wall green and leave the rest neutral. This can be an excellent way to gradually introduce color into a room and see how you really feel about it.

Colors Complementary to Green

Green accent wall living room panel

Thanks to its beneficial effects on the mind and soul, green is one of the most popular colors in home decor. Now, when it comes to making the best decor arrangements, it’s vital to know its contrasting and complementary colors. 

First, consider the undertone of the green paint or fabric you intend to use. Is it warm or cool? If it’s a warm green, then complementary colors will be on the cool side of the color wheel, such as purples and blues. If the green is cool, then complementary colors will be on the warm side of the color wheel, such as oranges and reds. 

Mural green accent wall

The rule of thumb is to use the colors opposite each other on the color wheel as complementary. In the case of green, it’s red. Naturally, you won’t use only the basic shades, and there is a complementary red-ish hue to any variety of green. Think corals and pale jades, for instance. 

You don’t have to be a color expert to pull this out the right way. On the contrary, there are plenty of tools on the internet that can do that for you. Check these results we created with the Sessions College color wheel tool, for example. 

Color wheel

Decorating With a Green Accent Wall

The safest bet is to use a green accent wall as a single pop of color on a crisp white or neutral background. Or, you could go with a total look and place a luxurious green velvet sofa in front of the wall. Such a look works well in art deco schemes, filled with golden accents that provide plenty of sophisticated contrast.  

Art Deco dark green accent wall living room sample mockup by Homilo
Art Deco dark green accent wall living room sample mockup by Homilo

Speaking of gold and other metallics, deep green pairs with them beautifully. Rose gold, silver, brass – you choose. Moreover, as an actual color of nature, it goes great with all kinds of wood tones.

You can make a cohesive scheme by adding other green accents around the room, such as green art or decorative bowl and vases. However, make sure to balance the green with other hues to avoid overwhelming the space.  

Soft green accent wall living room

Also, don’t hesitate to add real or faux plants. This can be anything from a small succulent to a large potted tree. Place them in metallic or colorful planters or hang them on the wall for a natural look.

Green accent wall in the bedroom by Homilo
“Green” accent wall in the bedroom by Homilo

When it comes to fabrics, you can use a mix of patterned and solid-colored upholstery, cushions, throws, and rugs. Layering patterns is desirable; as long as the style and the color scheme are curated well. 

Are you thinking of incorporating a green accent wall into your home?

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