Luxury Home Office With Indoor Garden

Luxury Home Office With Indoor Garden

Working from home has become a part of the lifestyle for many of us, bringing along the necessity of a dedicated workspace. Assembling a home office layout in a manner that promotes efficiency and comfort is, of course, essential. Nevertheless, the right decor can make a world of difference in the overall atmosphere. Incorporating plants into the room, for instance, can help boost your mood and productivity. A layer of foliage transforms any area to make it feel cozier and tranquil. 

This home office with an indoor garden is the perfect combination of form and function, as a guarantee of making any busy day more enjoyable. Its design streamlines the pleasure of work with its refined lines and a dash of glitz. 

The custom background wall in a matte sandy finish overlooks the area.  Its elegant configuration of custom cabinets and built-in shelving provides plenty of storage for all necessary office supplies making an elegant display at the same time. The rich wood texture intertwined with slick pops of fishbone pattern and rose gold accents gives the room a luxurious feel.  

Two leather office chairs sit next to each other across a lightweight contemporary desk, providing a comfortable spot for creative collaboration. The focal point of the room, though, is an indoor garden at the side of the desk. Bringing a touch of nature inside infused the space with a soothing feel of freshness and relaxation. 

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