Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Living Room Blend

Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Living Room Blend

The Mid-Century Modern/Scandinavian living room blend incorporates the best of both worlds, exuding layers of practical sophistication.

Scandinavian design has been storming the world for the past few years. And it’s no wonder why. Designed furniture, often made from wood or other natural materials, is functional as much as appealing. Its clean lines, simple forms, and natural materials create a sense of order and calm, quite desirable in today’s busy lifestyles. 

One of the great things about the Scandinavian style is its blendability, allowing for easy mix-&-match in order to create a unique look. This interior, for instance, makes a case for a successful Mid-Century Modern/Scandinavian living room blend. The combination conveyed a light, inherently stylish space with a hint of retro yet timeless flair.  

The designer’s idea to pair the mid-century modern clean, curvy lines with the cozy textures of Scandinavian textiles cocooned the space in inviting flair. Similarly, a neutral, light and earthy color palette softened the stringency of geometric patterns. Livened up by soft green highlights, the combination perfectly complemented ample wooden accents, such as exposed beams. At the same time, the unexpected rug layering choice brought a fresh element of contemporary trends into the game. 

Practicality and sleek aesthetic are apparent as the staples of Scandinavian design. Meanwhile, the mid-century modern style nuances can also be identified by their functional quality, clean lines, and organic forms. The combo capitalizes on the lack of ornate details or embellishments, resulting in a distinctly timeless appeal. It’s no wonder, then, that the aesthetic achieved as a result of this fusion feels perfectly natural. 

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