Trendy Transitional Living Room Interior Design

Trendy Transitional Living Room Interior Design

A living room interior with classic vibes is a popular choice for many homeowners. With a focus on clean lines and classic furnishings, it evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

Recently, we have been witnessing a transitional trend leaning more towards classic vibes with a modern twist. Many looks combine traditional elements such as fireplace mantels and exposed brick walls with more contemporary furniture and accents. But that was not the case for our client. She was looking for a specific living room interior design to stylishly host a couple of her favorite furniture pieces. 

The first idea to achieve the desired look included mixing and matching different textures and materials. For instance, one of the mood boards paired the existing elements with a vintage rug and a modern coffee table. The decision eventually went towards a toned-down composition rooted in neutral colors with a few strong, textured accents. 

The lightweight complementing elements established the ideal balance with the elegant lines and simple upholstery of the massive rolled-arm sofa. Opting for streamlined profiles, the designer achieved a sleek and uncluttered atmosphere, vital for a modern transitional look. 

Mixing metals was another subtle implementation of contemporary trends, delivering a fresh twist with the chic interplay. Warm hues of brass complemented the creamy tones of the furniture while using a geometric drum chandelier as a highlight also infused the space with a dash of low-key glam. At the same time, contrasting satin black and silver finishes enhanced visual interest, conveying intrinsically trendy, sophisticated appeal.  

Finally, the choice of large abstract wall art and complementing decor pieces made the room come to life, loading it with a distinctive character.

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